Benfica 1-0 V. Setúbal

PortugalSupertaça 2005 | Final

Teams - Head to head

: Summary

MatchesPortugalBenficaDrawsPortugalV. Setúbal
Total170114 (67%)26 (15%)30 (18%)
Portuguese League13395 (71%)22 (17%)16 (12%)
Portuguese Cup2010 (50%)2 (10%)8 (40%)
Supercup11 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
League Cup20 (0%)1 (50%)1 (50%)
Guadiana T.11 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
Campeonato de Lisboa94 (44%)1 (11%)4 (44%)
Campeonato de Portugal43 (75%)0 (0%)1 (25%)
Benfica homeMatchesPortugalBenficaDrawsPortugalV. Setúbal
Total8469 (82%)9 (11%)6 (7%)
Portuguese League6657 (86%)7 (11%)2 (3%)
Portuguese Cup97 (78%)1 (11%)1 (11%)
League Cup10 (0%)1 (100%)0 (0%)
Campeonato de Lisboa63 (50%)0 (0%)3 (50%)
Campeonato de Portugal22 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
V. Setúbal homeMatchesPortugalBenficaDrawsPortugalV. Setúbal
Total8443 (51%)17 (20%)24 (29%)
Portuguese League6738 (57%)15 (22%)14 (21%)
Portuguese Cup113 (27%)1 (9%)7 (64%)
League Cup10 (0%)0 (0%)1 (100%)
Campeonato de Lisboa31 (33%)1 (33%)1 (33%)
Campeonato de Portugal21 (50%)0 (0%)1 (50%)
Neutral fieldMatchesPortugalBenficaDrawsPortugalV. Setúbal
Total22 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
Supercup11 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
Guadiana T.11 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
[Penalty shoot-out (p.s.) and coin-toss decisions (CT) are considered as draws]
[This feature does not consider matches where a defeat punishment has been awarded to both teams.]

: Facts in the Competition

Benfica: Biggest home winPortuguese League 1953/54Benfica9-0V. Setúbal
Benfica: Biggest away winPortuguese League 1944/45V. Setúbal3-8Benfica
 Portuguese League 1957/58V. Setúbal1-6Benfica
 Taça de Portugal 1948/1949V. Setúbal0-5Benfica
 Liga ZON Sagres 2012/13V. Setúbal0-5Benfica
 Portuguese League 1949/50V. Setúbal0-5Benfica
 Liga Portuguesa 2014/15V. Setúbal0-5Benfica
V. Setúbal: Biggest home winPortuguese League 1993/94V. Setúbal5-2Benfica
 Taça de Portugal 1960/1961V. Setúbal4-1Benfica
V. Setúbal: Biggest away winCampeonato de Lisboa 1926/27Benfica0-2V. Setúbal
Most Common Result: Benfica-V. Setúbal(10 Matches)Benfica3-0V. Setúbal
Most Common Result: V. Setúbal-Benfica(7 Matches)V. Setúbal1-2Benfica

: Factos [Benfica]

170 Matches, 114W 26D 30L (GS: 438-182)
Consecutive Undefeated Matches15
Recent wins8 in 9
Recent defeats1 in 22
Consecutive matches scoring goals32
Average Goals Scored2.58 [G/M]
Average Goals Conceded1.07 [G/M]
Percentagem de vitórias67 [%:]
Games scored in89 [% Matches]+ info
Games when goals conceded64 [% Matches]+ info
Most wins10+ info
Most games without a win4+ info
Most defeats2+ info
Most games without defeat23+ info

: All Matches

DateLeagueStageHome AwayTournament  
2014-09-12PortugalD1D4V. Setúbal0-5Benfica Liga Portuguesa 14/15Videos
2014-05-04PortugalD1D29Benfica1-1V. Setúbal Liga 2013/14Videos
2013-12-20PortugalD1D14V. Setúbal0-2Benfica Liga 2013/14Videos
2013-02-03PortugalD1D17Benfica3-0V. Setúbal Liga ZON Sagres 12/13Videos
2012-08-26PortugalD1D2V. Setúbal0-5Benfica Liga ZON Sagres 12/13Videos
2012-05-12PortugalD1D30V. Setúbal1-3Benfica Liga ZON Sagres 11/12Videos
2012-01-14PortugalD1D15Benfica4-1V. Setúbal Liga ZON Sagres 11/12Videos
2011-02-06PortugalD1D18V. Setúbal0-2Benfica Liga ZON Sagres 10/11Videos
2010-08-28PortugalD1D3Benfica3-0V. Setúbal Liga ZON Sagres 10/11Videos
2010-02-06PortugalD1D18V. Setúbal1-1Benfica Liga Sagres 09/10Videos
2009-08-31PortugalD1D3Benfica8-1V. Setúbal Liga Sagres 09/10Videos
2009-04-19PortugalD1D25V. Setúbal0-4Benfica Liga Sagres 08/09Videos
2008-12-01PortugalD1D10Benfica2-2V. Setúbal Liga Sagres 08/09Videos
2008-05-11PortugalD1D30Benfica3-0V. Setúbal bwin LIGA 07/08
2008-01-05PortugalD1D15V. Setúbal1-1Benfica bwin LIGA 07/08Videos
2007-10-31League CupLC4EV. SetúbalPortugal 2-1Portugal Benfica Carlsberg Cup 07/08Videos
2007-10-20League CupLC4EBenficaPortugal 1-1Portugal V. Setúbal Carlsberg Cup 07/08
2007-05-13PortugalD1D29V. Setúbal0-1Benfica bwin LIGA 06/07Videos
2006-12-16PortugalD1D14Benfica3-0V. Setúbal bwin LIGA 06/07
2006-04-30PortugalD1D33Benfica1-0V. Setúbal Liga betandwin.com 05/06Videos
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Supertaça 2005

Stage: Final