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(0.35 G/M)
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Championship 2011/2012
England Championship4619111647-443579397160200details
M=Matches, W=Wins, D=Draws, L=Defeats, GD=Goal Difference, M=minutes, T=Line-up, UR=Used Reserve, GS=Goals Scored, OG=Own Goals, YC=Yellow Cards, 2Y=Double Yellow Cards, RC=Red Cards

Penalty shoot-out (p.s.) and coin-toss decisions (CT) are considered as draws

: Factos

46 Matches, 19W 11D 16L (GS: 47-44)
Goals16+ info
goals per match0.35
Jogos em que marcou golos28 [%]+ info
Máximo de jogos a vencer4+ info
Máximo de jogos sem vencer6+ info
Máximo de jogos a perder5+ info
Máximo de jogos sem perder11+ info
Máximo de jogos consecutivos a marcar2
Maximum number of consecutive games without scoring 9

: Marcos

Goals ScoredPerto de 20 [Goals]Atualmente com 16

: Stats

EnglandChampionship 2011/2012
Top Scorer6.º16 GoalsLeader: Rickie Lambert27 Goals
Yellow cards254.º2 Yellow cardsLeader: Barry Robson13 Yellow cards
Substitute Apps132.º7 GamesLeader: Steve de Ridder27 Games
Goals per game average19.º0.35 Goals/GameLeader: Rickie Lambert0.64 Goals/Game
Minutes per goals scored43.º224 MinutesLeader: Harry Panayiotou 17 Minutes
Braces scored27.º1 Braces scoredLeader: Billy Sharp5 Braces scored
Hatricks4.º1 HatrickLeader: Rickie Lambert4 Hatrick
% of goals for team 1.º34 %:  
Minutes62.º3579 Leader: Peter Whittingham4320 
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EnglandChampionship 2011/2012 [Hull City]
Top Scorer1.º16 Goals  
Yellow cards9.º2 Yellow cardsLeader: Paul McKenna10 Yellow cards
Substitute Apps7.º7 GamesLeader: Robert Brady14 Games
Goals per game average1.º0.35 Goals/Game  
Minutes per goals scored2.º223 MinutesLeader: Nick Barmby149 Minutes
Braces scored1.º1 Braces scored  
Hatricks1.º1 Hatrick  
% of goals for team 1.º34 %:  
Minutes3.º3579 Leader: James Chester3960 
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: Matches

2012-04-28D46 Hull City(A)  West Ham2-1L 90    
2012-04-21D45 Hull City(H)  Nottingham Forest2-1W 90    81' (g.p.)
2012-04-17D44 Hull City(H)  Barnsley3-1W 90    37' 44' 83'
2012-04-14D43 Hull City(A)  Watford1-1D 90    
2012-04-09D42 Hull City(H)  Middlesbrough2-1W 90    88'
2012-04-07D41 Hull City(A)  Millwall2-0L 45Entrou 46'   
2012-03-31D40 Hull City(H)  Coventry City0-2L 90    
2012-03-27D29 Hull City(A)  Portsmouth2-0LVideos46Saiu 46'   
2012-03-24D39 Hull City(A)  Leicester City2-1LVideos90    8'
2012-03-20D38 Hull City(H)  Southampton0-2L 90    
2012-03-17D37 Hull City(A)  Crystal Palace0-0D 26Entrou 64'   
2012-03-13D33 Hull City(A)  Cardiff City0-3WVideos3Entrou 87'   
2012-03-10D36 Hull City(H)  Ipswich Town2-2D 90    
2012-03-06D35 Hull City(H)  Leeds United0-0DVideos90    
2012-03-02D34 Hull City(A)  Blackpool1-1D 90    90'
2012-02-22D32 Hull City(H)  Brighton & Hove Albion0-0D 90    
2012-02-14D31 Hull City(A)  Birmingham0-0D 90    
2012-02-11D30 Hull City(H)  Bristol City3-0W 90    60'
2012-01-31D28 Hull City(H)  Doncaster0-0D 90    
2012-01-21D27 Hull City(A)  Reading0-1W 28Entrou 62'   
2012-01-14D26 Hull City(H)  Peterborough Utd1-0W 63Saiu 63'   
2012-01-02D25 Hull City(H)  Derby County0-1L 90    
2011-12-31D24 Hull City(A)  Burnley1-0L 90    
2011-12-26D23 Hull City(A)  Middlesbrough1-0L 90    
2011-12-17D22 Hull City(H)  Millwall2-0W 90    
2011-12-10D21 Hull City(A)  Coventry City0-1W 90    
2011-12-07D12 Hull City(H)  Birmingham2-1W 90    
2011-12-03D20 Hull City(H)  Leicester City2-1WVideos90    30' (g.p.)
2011-11-29D19 Hull City(A)  Southampton2-1L 90    
2011-11-26D18 Hull City(H)  Burnley2-3L 90    11' 55'
2011-11-19D17 Hull City(A)  Derby County0-2W 90    17'
2011-11-05D16 Hull City(H)  West Ham0-2L 90    
2011-11-01D15 Hull City(A)  Barnsley2-1L 90    79'
2011-10-29D14 Hull City(A)  Nottingham Forest0-1W 90  90'   
2011-10-22D13 Hull City(H)  Watford3-2W 90    51'
2011-10-15D11 Hull City(A)  Brighton & Hove Albion0-0D 90    
2011-10-01D10 Hull City(H)  Cardiff City2-1WVideos90    39'
2011-09-27D9 Hull City(A)  Doncaster1-1DVideos90    
2011-09-24D8 Hull City(A)  Bristol City1-1D 27Entrou 63'   
2011-09-17D7 Hull City(H)  Portsmouth1-0WVideos9Entrou 81'   
2011-09-10D6 Hull City(A)  Peterborough Utd0-1WVideos21Entrou 69'   
2011-08-27D5 Hull City(H)  Reading1-0WVideos80Saiu 80' 16'   
2011-08-20D4 Hull City(H)  Crystal Palace0-1L 90    
2011-08-16D3 Hull City(A)  Leeds United4-1L 90    
2011-08-13D2 Hull City(A)  Ipswich Town0-1W 81Saiu 81'   76'
2011-08-05D1 Hull City(H)  Blackpool0-1L 90    
[N/U=Did not play]
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