Futebol Clube do Porto

PortugalPortugal | Porto | established in 1893

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: Factos

Average Goals Scored2.05 [G/M]
Average Goals Conceded0.65 [G/M]
Consecutive Wins2 [Wins]
Percentagem de vitórias70 [%:]
Last Win1-3 [2014-04-13]Portuguese League vs SC Braga [since then: 0L 0D]
Last Defeat2-1 [2014-03-30]Portuguese League vs Nacional [since then: 2W 0D]
Jogos em que marcou golos1192 [Matches]85%
Games when goals conceded650 [Matches]46%
Consecutive matches scoring goals4 [Matches]
Consecutive matches conceding goals3 [Matches]
Derrotas nos últimos jogos1 in 4 [Defeats/Matches]
Empates nos últimos jogos1 in 17 [Draws/Matches]
Máximo de jogos a vencer16 [Matches]FC Porto 1-0 V. Setúbal [2010-12-06] -> V. Setúbal 0-4 FC Porto [2011-05-01]
Máximo de jogos sem perder55 [Matches]FC Porto 2-2 Olhanense [2010-03-06] -> FC Porto 3-1 V. Guimarães [2012-01-22]
Máximo de jogos sem vencer5 [Matches]SC Braga 1-1 FC Porto [1981-09-27] -> Penafiel 0-0 FC Porto [1981-11-29]
Máximo de jogos a perder2 [Matches]FC Porto 2-3 Leixões [2008-10-25] -> Naval 1-0 FC Porto [2008-11-01]

: Latest Results

DateLeagueStageHome AwayTournament  
2014-04-13PortugalD1D27SC Braga1-3FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2014-04-06PortugalD1D26FC Porto3-1Académica Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2014-03-30PortugalD1D25Nacional2-1FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14LVideos
2014-03-23PortugalD1D24FC Porto1-0Belenenses Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2014-03-16PortugalD1D23Sporting1-0FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14LVideos
2014-03-09PortugalD1D22FC Porto4-1Arouca Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2014-03-02PortugalD1D21V. Guimarães2-2FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14DVideos
2014-02-23PortugalD1D20FC Porto0-1Estoril Praia Liga ZON Sagres 13/14LVideos
2014-02-16PortugalD1D19Gil Vicente1-2FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2014-02-09PortugalD1D18FC Porto3-0P. Ferreira Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2014-02-01PortugalD1D17Marítimo1-0FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14LVideos
2014-01-19PortugalD1D16FC Porto3-0V. Setúbal Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2014-01-12PortugalD1D15Benfica2-0FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14LVideos
2013-12-20PortugalD1D14FC Porto4-0Olhanense Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2013-12-15PortugalD1D13Rio Ave1-3FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2013-12-07PortugalD1D12FC Porto2-0SC Braga Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2013-11-30PortugalD1D11Académica1-0FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14LVideos
2013-11-23PortugalD1D10FC Porto1-1Nacional Liga ZON Sagres 13/14DVideos
2013-11-02PortugalD1D9Belenenses1-1FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14DVideos
2013-10-27PortugalD1D8FC Porto3-1Sporting Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2013-10-06PortugalD1D7Arouca1-3FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2013-09-27PortugalD1D6FC Porto1-0V. Guimarães Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2013-09-22PortugalD1D5Estoril Praia2-2FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14DVideos
2013-09-14PortugalD1D4FC Porto2-0Gil Vicente Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2013-09-01PortugalD1D3P. Ferreira0-1FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2013-08-25PortugalD1D2FC Porto3-0Marítimo Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2013-08-18PortugalD1D1V. Setúbal1-3FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 13/14WVideos
2013-05-19PortugalD1D30P. Ferreira0-2FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 12/13WVideos
2013-05-11PortugalD1D29FC Porto2-1Benfica Liga ZON Sagres 12/13WVideos
2013-05-04PortugalD1D28Nacional1-3FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 12/13WVideos
2013-04-27PortugalD1D27FC Porto2-0V. Setúbal Liga ZON Sagres 12/13WVideos
2013-04-20PortugalD1D26Moreirense0-3FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 12/13WVideos
2013-04-08PortugalD1D25FC Porto3-1SC Braga Liga ZON Sagres 12/13WVideos
2013-03-30PortugalD1D24Académica0-3FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 12/13WVideos
2013-03-17PortugalD1D23Marítimo1-1FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 12/13DVideos
2013-03-08PortugalD1D22FC Porto2-0Estoril Praia Liga ZON Sagres 12/13WVideos
2013-03-02PortugalD1D21Sporting0-0FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 12/13DVideos
2013-02-23PortugalD1D20FC Porto2-1Rio Ave Liga ZON Sagres 12/13WVideos
2013-02-15PortugalD1D19Beira-Mar0-2FC Porto Liga ZON Sagres 12/13WVideos
2013-02-10PortugalD1D18FC Porto1-1Olhanense Liga ZON Sagres 12/13DVideos
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