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: Totais por Competição

Pre-season Pre-season 2014/1550235-10-----details
Europa League Liga EuropaLast 32632110-3900L1DDWWLdetails
England Premier League12.º2258930-344110D2LLLDDdetails
England U21 Premier League Cup 2014/2015Last 32-----0000-details
England The FA Cup 2014/2015Third Round20203-3710D2DDdetails
England Capital One Cup 2014/15Third Round10010-3100L1Ldetails
Penalty shoot-out (p.s.) and coin-toss decisions (CT) are considered as draws
[G=Matches, W=Wins, D=Draws, L=Lost, GD=Goal Difference, YC=Yellow Cards, 2Y=Double Yellow Cards, RC=Red Cards, FS=Last Series, F=Form]

: Factos

36 Matches, 8W 14D 14L (GS: 48-53)
Consecutive Undefeated Matches4
Jogos Consecutivos Sem Ganhar8In the worst series of consecutive matches without winning
Recent wins1 in 13
Recent defeats1 in 5
Recent defeats6 in 11
Last Win44 [Days ago]+ info
Last Defeat28 [Days ago]+ info
Average Goals Scored1.33 [G/M]
Average Goals Conceded1.47 [G/M]
Games scored in72 [% Matches]+ info
Games when goals conceded81 [% Matches]+ info
Most wins2+ info
Most defeats4+ info
Most games without defeat8+ info

: Marcos

Goals ScoredPerto de 50 [Goals]Atualmente com 48
Consecutive Undefeated MatchesPerto de 5 [Matches]Atualmente com 4
Jogos consecutivos sem vencerPerto de 10 [Matches]Atualmente com 8

: Summary

EnglandP. League 2014/15Biggest Wins7.º1 VictoriesLeader: Chelsea4 Victories
 Most Draws2.º8 DrawsLeader: Sunderland11 Draws
 Most Defeats7.º9 DefeatsLeader: QPR13 Defeats
 Unbeaten Games9.º5 GamesLeader: Chelsea14 Games
EnglandFA Cup 14/15Most Draws3.º2 DrawsLeader: Scunthorpe Utd3 Draws
 Most Yellow Cards10.º7 Yellow CardsLeader: Scunthorpe Utd12 Yellow Cards
EnglandCapital One Cup 2014/15Most Defeats1.º1 Defeats 
Europa LeagueEuropa League 2014/2015Biggest Wins1.º2 Victories 
 Most Wins9.º3 GamesLeader: Dynamo Moskva6 Games
 Most Draws10.º2 DrawsLeader: Saint-Étienne5 Draws
 Unbeaten Games7.º5 GamesLeader: Besiktas6 Games
 Most own-goals scored1.º1 Goals 
EnglandP. League 2014/15Top ScorerRomelu Lukaku[19.º]6 Goals
 Goals per GameSteven Naismith[24.º]0.33 Goals/Game
 Most Penalties ScoredLeighton Baines[6.º]2 Goals
 Most goals as a substituteSamuel Eto’o[12.º]1 Goals
 Winning GoalsLeon Osman[15.º]1 Goals
 Most doublesSamuel Eto’o[8.º]1 Doubles
 Most Yellow CardsGareth Barry[2.º]8 Yellow Cards
 Most Double Yellow cardsAntolín Alcaráz[1.º]1 Double Yellow cards
 Most MinutesLeighton Baines[23.º]1890 Minutes
 Most used substituteSamuel Eto’o[51.º]6 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededTim Howard[4.º]28 Goals Conceded
EnglandFA Cup 14/15Top ScorerRomelu Lukaku[23.º]2 Goals
 Most goals as a substituteKevin Mirallas[4.º]1 Goals
 Most Yellow CardsAiden McGeady[3.º]2 Yellow Cards
 Most Double Yellow cardsAiden McGeady[1.º]1 Double Yellow cards
 Most MinutesGareth Barry[338.º]180 Minutes
 Most used substituteSamuel Eto’o[93.º]1 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededJoel Robles[38.º]3 Goals Conceded
EnglandCapital One Cup 2014/15Most Yellow CardsLuke Garbutt[23.º]1 Yellow Cards
 Most MinutesAntolín Alcaráz[636.º]90 Minutes
 Most used substituteRomelu Lukaku[62.º]1 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededTim Howard[21.º]3 Goals Conceded
Europa LeagueEuropa League 2014/2015Top ScorerKevin Mirallas[35.º]2 Goals
 Goals per GamePhil Jagielka[67.º]0.20 Goals/Game
 Most Penalties ScoredLeighton Baines[5.º]1 Goals
 Most Yellow CardsSteven Pienaar[28.º]2 Yellow Cards
 Most MinutesTim Howard[151.º]450 Minutes
 Most used substituteChristian Atsu[20.º]3 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededTim Howard[53.º]2 Goals Conceded

: Results

DateLeagueStageHome AwayTournament  
2015-01-19EnglandPLD22Everton0-0West Bromwich Premier League 2014/15DVideos
2015-01-13EnglandFA3RWest Ham2-2 (9-8)g.p.Everton FA Cup 14/15DVideos
2015-01-10EnglandPLD21Everton1-1Manchester City Premier League 2014/15DVideos
2015-01-06EnglandFA3REverton1-1West Ham FA Cup 14/15DVideos
2015-01-01EnglandPLD20Hull City2-0Everton Premier League 2014/15LVideos
2014-12-28EnglandPLD19Newcastle3-2Everton Premier League 2014/15LVideos
2014-12-26EnglandPLD18Everton0-1Stoke City Premier League 2014/15LVideos
2014-12-20EnglandPLD17Southampton3-0Everton Premier League 2014/15LVideos
2014-12-15EnglandPLD16Everton3-1QPR Premier League 2014/15WVideos
2014-12-11Europa LeagueELGrp.HEvertonEngland 0-1Russian Federation FK Krasnodar Europa League 2014/15LVideos
2014-12-06EnglandPLD15Manchester City1-0Everton Premier League 2014/15LVideos
2014-12-03EnglandPLD14Everton1-1Hull City Premier League 2014/15DVideos
2014-11-30EnglandPLD13Tottenham2-1Everton Premier League 2014/15LVideos
2014-11-27Europa LeagueELGrp.HVfL WolfsburgGermany 0-2England Everton Europa League 2014/15WVideos
2014-11-22EnglandPLD12Everton2-1West Ham Premier League 2014/15WVideos
2014-11-09EnglandPLD11Sunderland1-1Everton Premier League 2014/15DVideos
2014-11-06Europa LeagueELGrp.HEvertonEngland 3-0France Lille Europa League 2014/15WVideos
2014-11-01EnglandPLD10Everton0-0Swansea City Premier League 2014/15DVideos
2014-10-26EnglandPLD9Burnley1-3Everton Premier League 2014/15WVideos
2014-10-23Europa LeagueELGrp.HLilleFrance 0-0England Everton Europa League 2014/15DVideos
2014-10-18EnglandPLD8Everton3-0Aston Villa Premier League 2014/15WVideos
2014-10-05EnglandPLD7Manchester United2-1Everton Premier League 2014/15LVideos
2014-10-02Europa LeagueELGrp.HFK KrasnodarRussian Federation 1-1England Everton Europa League 2014/15DVideos
2014-09-27EnglandPLD6Liverpool1-1Everton Premier League 2014/15DVideos
2014-09-23League CupFLC3RSwansea CityWales 3-0England Everton Capital One Cup 2014/15LVideos
2014-09-21EnglandPLD5Everton2-3Crystal Palace Premier League 2014/15LVideos
2014-09-18Europa LeagueELGrp.HEvertonEngland 4-1Germany VfL Wolfsburg Europa League 2014/15WVideos
2014-09-13EnglandPLD4West Bromwich0-2Everton Premier League 2014/15WVideos
2014-08-30EnglandPLD3Everton3-6Chelsea Premier League 2014/15LVideos
2014-08-23EnglandPLD2Everton2-2Arsenal Premier League 2014/15DVideos
2014-08-16EnglandPLD1Leicester City2-2Everton Premier League 2014/15DVideos
2014-08-09Pre-seasonPSFRSC Paderborn 07Germany 3-1England Everton Pre-season 2014/15LVideos
2014-08-06Pre-seasonPSFREvertonEngland 1-3Spain Celta de Vigo Pre-season 2014/15L
2014-08-03Pre-seasonPSFREvertonEngland 1-1Portugal FC Porto Pre-season 2014/15DVideos
2014-07-27Pre-seasonPSFREvertonEngland 0-1England Leicester City Pre-season 2014/15L
2014-07-22Pre-seasonPSFRTranmere RoversEngland 2-2England Everton Pre-season 2014/15D
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: Total Stats by Player - Official matches [Top-10]

1.BelgiumRomelu LukakuForward2990.312362174details
2.EnglandPhil JagielkaDefense2730.1127-2385details
3.EnglandGareth BarryMidfielder2600.0026-2240details
4.EnglandLeighton BainesDefense2530.1225-2250details
5.United States of AmericaTim HowardGoalkeeper2400.0024-2115details
6.Rep. of IrelandSéamus ColemanDefense2130.142011806details
7.ScotlandSteven NaismithForward2170.331921721details
8.Rep. of IrelandAiden McGeadyMidfielder2110.051651340details
9.CameroonSamuel Eto’oForward2040.201281126details
10.Bosnia and HerzegovinaMuhamed BesicMidfielder1900.001451209details