Atlético Madrid vs Real Madrid

Head to Head

Club Atlético de Madrid
Club Atlético de Madrid
Foundation Year1903
CountrySpain Spain
Real Madrid Club de Fútbol
Real Madrid Club de Fútbol
Foundation Year1902
CountrySpain Spain

: Summary

MatchesSpainAtlético MadridDrawsSpainReal Madrid
Total21053 (25%)49 (23%)108 (51%)
La Liga15638 (24%)33 (21%)85 (54%)
CL61 (17%)1 (17%)4 (67%)
Copa del Rey4211 (26%)14 (33%)17 (40%)
Supercopa de España21 (50%)1 (50%)0 (0%)
Copa de la Liga21 (50%)0 (0%)1 (50%)
Campeonato del Centro21 (50%)0 (0%)1 (50%)
Atlético Madrid homeMatchesSpainAtlético MadridDrawsSpainReal Madrid
Total10134 (34%)26 (26%)41 (41%)
La Liga7824 (31%)21 (27%)33 (42%)
CL21 (50%)1 (50%)0 (0%)
Copa del Rey186 (33%)4 (22%)8 (44%)
Supercopa de España11 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
Copa de la Liga11 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
Campeonato del Centro11 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
Real Madrid homeMatchesSpainAtlético MadridDrawsSpainReal Madrid
Total10415 (14%)22 (21%)67 (64%)
La Liga7814 (18%)12 (15%)52 (67%)
CL40 (0%)0 (0%)4 (100%)
Copa del Rey191 (5%)9 (47%)9 (47%)
Supercopa de España10 (0%)1 (100%)0 (0%)
Copa de la Liga10 (0%)0 (0%)1 (100%)
Campeonato del Centro10 (0%)0 (0%)1 (100%)
Neutral fieldMatchesSpainAtlético MadridDrawsSpainReal Madrid
Total54 (80%)1 (20%)0 (0%)
Copa del Rey54 (80%)1 (20%)0 (0%)
[Penalty shoot-out (p.s.) and coin-toss decisions (CT) are considered as draws]
[This feature does not consider matches where a defeat punishment has been awarded to both teams.]

: Facts in the Competition

Atlético Madrid: Biggest home winLiga Española 1947/48Atlético Madrid5-0Real Madrid
Atlético Madrid: Biggest away winLiga Española 1984/85Real Madrid0-4Atlético Madrid
 Liga Española 1987/88Real Madrid0-4Atlético Madrid
Real Madrid: Biggest home winLiga Española 1958/59Real Madrid5-0Atlético Madrid
 Liga Española 1983/84Real Madrid5-0Atlético Madrid
Real Madrid: Biggest away winLiga Española 2002/03Atlético Madrid0-4Real Madrid
Most Common Result: Atlético Madrid-Real Madrid(13 Matches)Atlético Madrid1-1Real Madrid
Most Common Result: Real Madrid-Atlético Madrid(14 Matches)Real Madrid2-1Atlético Madrid

: Factos [Atlético Madrid]

210 Matches, 53W 49D 108L (GS: 269-353)
Jogos Consecutivos Sem Ganhar2
Recent defeats1 in 8
Recent defeats23 in 37
Average Goals Scored1.28 [G/M]
Average Goals Conceded1.68 [G/M]
Percentagem de derrotas51 [%:]
Games scored in71 [% Matches]+ info
Games when goals conceded81 [% Matches]+ info
Most wins3+ info
Most games without a win25+ info
Most defeats10+ info
Most games without defeat7+ info

: All Matches

DateLeagueStageHome AwayTournament  
2015-04-22CLCLQFReal MadridSpain 1-0Spain Atlético Madrid CL 2014/15
2015-04-14CLCLQFAtlético MadridSpain 0-0Spain Real Madrid CL 2014/15
2015-02-07SpainD1D22Atlético Madrid4-0Real Madrid Liga BBVA 14/15
2015-01-15SpainCRL16Real Madrid2-2Atlético Madrid Copa Rey 14/15
2015-01-07SpainCRL16Atlético Madrid2-0Real Madrid Copa Rey 14/15
2014-09-13SpainD1D3Real Madrid1-2Atlético Madrid Liga BBVA 14/15
2014-08-22SpainSCFAtlético Madrid1-0Real Madrid Supercopa 2014
2014-08-19SpainSCFReal Madrid1-1Atlético Madrid Supercopa 2014
2014-05-24CLCLFReal MadridSpain 4-1 (a.p.)Spain Atlético Madrid CL 2013/14
2014-03-02SpainD1D26Atlético Madrid2-2Real Madrid Liga BBVA 13/14
2014-02-11SpainCRSFAtlético Madrid0-2Real Madrid Copa Rey 13/14
2014-02-05SpainCRSFReal Madrid3-0Atlético Madrid Copa Rey 13/14
2013-09-28SpainD1D7Real Madrid0-1Atlético Madrid Liga BBVA 13/14
2013-05-17SpainCRFReal Madrid1-2 (a.p.)Atlético Madrid Copa Rey 12/13
2013-04-27SpainD1D33Atlético Madrid1-2Real Madrid Liga BBVA 12/13
2012-12-01SpainD1D14Real Madrid2-0Atlético Madrid Liga BBVA 12/13
2012-04-11SpainD1D33Atlético Madrid1-4Real Madrid Liga BBVA 11/12
2011-11-26SpainD1D14Real Madrid4-1Atlético Madrid Liga BBVA 11/12
2011-03-19SpainD1D29Atlético Madrid1-2Real Madrid Liga BBVA 10/11
2011-01-20SpainCRQFAtlético Madrid0-1Real Madrid Copa Rey 10/11
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