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: Summary

Total3716 (43%)9 (24%)12 (32%)
Euro11 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
World Cup21 (50%)1 (50%)0 (0%)
National Friendlies 3214 (44%)6 (19%)12 (38%)
WC Qualifiers (UEFA)20 (0%)2 (100%)0 (0%)
France homeMatchesFranceFranceDrawsSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Total156 (40%)6 (40%)3 (20%)
National Friendlies 146 (43%)5 (36%)3 (21%)
WC Qualifiers (UEFA)10 (0%)1 (100%)0 (0%)
Switzerland homeMatchesFranceFranceDrawsSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Total198 (42%)2 (11%)9 (47%)
National Friendlies 188 (44%)1 (6%)9 (50%)
WC Qualifiers (UEFA)10 (0%)1 (100%)0 (0%)
Neutral fieldMatchesFranceFranceDrawsSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Total32 (67%)1 (33%)0 (0%)
Euro11 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
World Cup21 (50%)1 (50%)0 (0%)
[Penalty shoot-out (p.s.) and coin-toss decisions (CT) are considered as draws]
[This feature does not consider matches where a defeat punishment has been awarded to both teams.]

: Facts in the Competition

France: Biggest home winNational Team Friendlies 1912France4-1Switzerland
France: Biggest away winNational Team Friendlies 1977Switzerland0-4France
Switzerland: Biggest home winNational Team Friendlies 1960Switzerland6-2France
Switzerland: Biggest away winNational Team Friendlies 1942France0-2Switzerland
 National Team Friendlies 1953France2-4Switzerland
Most Common Result: France-Switzerland(3 Matches)France2-2Switzerland
Most Common Result: Switzerland-France(4 Matches)Switzerland1-2France

: Factos [France]

37 Matches, 16W 9D 12L (GS: 67-60)
Average Goals Scored1.81 [G/M]
Average Goals Conceded1.62 [G/M]
Games scored in78 [% Matches]+ info
Games when goals conceded78 [% Matches]+ info
Most wins3+ info
Most games without a win5+ info
Most defeats2+ info

: All Matches

DateLeagueStageHome AwayTournament  
2014-06-20World CupWCGrp.ESwitzerlandSwitzerland 2-5France France World Cup 2014
2006-06-13World CupWCGrp.GFranceFrance 0-0Switzerland Switzerland World Cup 2006
2005-10-08WC Qualifiers (UEFA)WCQGrp.4SwitzerlandSwitzerland 1-1France France WC Qualifiers (UEFA) 2006
2005-03-26WC Qualifiers (UEFA)WCQGrp.4FranceFrance 0-0Switzerland Switzerland WC Qualifiers (UEFA) 2006
2004-06-21EuroEUGrp.BSwitzerlandSwitzerland 1-3France France Euro 2004
2003-08-20National Friendlies FRIFRSwitzerlandSwitzerland 0-2France France National Friendlies 2003
1992-05-27National Friendlies FRIFRSwitzerlandSwitzerland 2-1France France National Friendlies 1992
1988-02-02National Friendlies FRIFRFranceFrance 2-1Switzerland Switzerland National Friendlies 1988
1986-08-19National Friendlies FRI SwitzerlandSwitzerland 2-0France France National Friendlies 1986
1977-04-23National Friendlies FRIFRSwitzerlandSwitzerland 0-4France France National Friendlies 1977
1970-05-03National Friendlies FRIFRSwitzerlandSwitzerland 2-1France France National Friendlies 1970
1963-11-11National Friendlies FRIFRFranceFrance 2-2Switzerland Switzerland National Friendlies 1963
1960-10-12National Friendlies FRIFRSwitzerlandSwitzerland 6-2France France National Friendlies 1960
1958-04-16National Friendlies FRIFRFranceFrance 0-0Switzerland Switzerland National Friendlies 1958
1955-10-09National Friendlies FRIFRSwitzerlandSwitzerland 1-2France France National Friendlies 1955
1953-11-11National Friendlies FRIFRFranceFrance 2-4Switzerland Switzerland National Friendlies 1953
1951-10-14National Friendlies FRIFRSwitzerlandSwitzerland 1-2France France National Friendlies 1951
1949-06-04National Friendlies FRIFRFranceFrance 4-2Switzerland Switzerland National Friendlies 1949
1947-06-08National Friendlies FRIFRSwitzerlandSwitzerland 1-2France France National Friendlies 1947
1945-04-08National Friendlies FRIFRSwitzerlandSwitzerland 1-0France France National Friendlies 1945
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